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Upcoming Kids' Stories

priscilla picklepops and the Adventures of Robin Red Breast

It was a crisp autumn morning
There was twittering galore
Red Robin woke up
To try once more

He was only very young
And was learning to fly
He dreamed of exploring
Every inch of the sky

He had learned that his mission  
To spread happiness and joy
Was no easy feat
For every little girl and boy

Some were unwell
Or were angry and sad
And if Robin could just meet them
He could make them feel glad

He sat on the branch
High up in the tree
He took a deep breath
And counted 1,2,3!!

He pushed himself up
His little legs let go
And before he knew it
He was flying very low

I want to go higher
Through the clouds I shall glide
Just like the eagles
With no need to hide

But Robin was tiny
And not very strong
He needed to practice
And find a place to belong

Suddenly he was flying
Twisting like a helter skelter
He was out of control
And flew into a bus shelter

Flat on his back
Tiny legs in the air
His neck felt quite broken
Was he beyond repair?

His little eyes shut
Rolling back in his head
Is this the end...
Am I alive or am I dead?

Meanwhile.. in a garage around the corner
priscilla picklepops car was caput
She had to take it to see the mechanic
Screeching into the drive she honked TOOT TOOT

For the rest of the week she would have no car
And so off to the bus stop she walked
Timing is everything you’ll soon find out
What was that laying on the ground – she was SHOCKED!

Little Robin had collided right into the glass
Only seconds before
priscilla picklepops arrived at just the right time
And spotted him laying on the floor

To Robin out of nowhere
As if by magic
Maddie Sparkles appeared
And she thought it was tragic

Oh my goodness!
Little Robin what’s wrong
Why aren’t you in the bushes and the trees
Where you belong?

She picked him up
He looked tiny in her hand
But how did you get here?
I don’t understand

I was learning to fly
And I just couldn’t see
I was aiming for the eagles
And I fell out of that tree

I couldn’t see the glass
All around this bus shelter
I was twirling and swirling
Like on a scary helter skelter

Oh dear Robin
I must get you to a vet
But you MUST stay still
Don’t try to fly yet

She held him with love
In her hand quite tightly
And he opened his eyes
Ever so slightly  

Just then a big bus
Pulled in at the stop
They were going on a journey
To find a pet shop  

priscilla picklepops felt determined
This was a race
Together with Robin
They would find the best place

The bus driver Ross
Was very surprised
He looked over his shoulder
And just realised

There’s a bird on my bus!
I know of a store
They have cats and some dogs
And I’m sure they’ll know more

With a song in her heart
And the bird in her hand
priscilla picklepops persevered
She knew this plan was grand

At last the bus stopped
They could see the pet store
Ross the driver shouted “Bye”
And opened the door

Robin was sensing
The power back in his wings
The love and the care
Brought him mountains of things

Letting go of his fear
priscilla picklepops did too
All this time spent together
Their friendship grew and grew

They approached the pet shop
Robin spotted the kittens
A lady came out
She was wearing red mittens

We must keep tiny Robin
Away from the cats
They might think he’s dinner
And that will be that

Her name was called Jane
She drove a blue car
She offered to drive them
To the animal hospital which was far

priscilla picklepops was delighted
For her sweet Robin friend
They would both stay together
Until the journey’s end

Another lady from the cake shop
Right across the road
Brought out some muffins
And the cupcakes just flowed

Her name was Agnes
She just loved to bake
She put glitter on the icing
For priscilla picklepops to take

Finally Jane stopped
At the hospital sign
Little Robin was relieved
He knew everything was fine

priscilla picklepops could feel
His little heart beating fast
He was now much more lively
Than he’d been in the past

She handed him over
To the sweet friendly nurse
Sharing their story
But now SHE felt worse

priscilla picklepops now knew
This must be goodbye
Little Robin would heal
And be set free to fly

The message that Robin
Had brought her that day
Was to help one another
Instead of walking away

To have faith and to trust
Help is always at bay
To believe in new beginnings
That you can try again today
Sing your own song
For a new adventure is in sight
Follow your instincts
Let your love shine bright

Believe in yourself
Use your inspiration
And care for the little creatures
Who live all over our nation

The End

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