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Angel and Oracle Card Readings 

Regardless of your age or background, here is what you are saying about Maddie sparkles' readings. Whether you are based in America, the United Kingdom, Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia or anywhere in the world, angels work their magic and deliver the perfect messages just for you to hear in the moment.

Over the phone or any audio platform, be prepared to feel uplifted, inspired, lighter, calmer, more peaceful full of hope & direction, more clarity & confidence on next steps or whatever it is you are asking for from the angelic realm for any area of your life. The dragons & Goddesses help give you that extra boost of empowerment too...Enjoy!

Here are 3 ways to book your own angel/oracle card reading:

1. send me an email to:

2. message me through facebook

3. send me a text to 415.328.7166 to Schedule your 60 minute Angel /Oracle reading

( If you prefer 30 mins, 90 mins or 120 mins just mention that in your text)


4. join my facebook group for bi weekly communal readings on tuesdays and Saturdays @ 12.30pm PST /2.30pm CT/ 3.30pm ET

8.30pm GMT/ 9.30pm Eu/ 7.30am +1 australia or


You are the most glorious amazing beautiful person I’ve ever met!  


I had my first personal reading with you & holy WOW  were you so 100%accurate!!! Without telling you anything except what subject I was thinking about - you told me everything I wanted/needed to hear snd so much more!  


I still have goosebumps!  


And without knowing answered the big question & said by the end of May!  Which the thing in particular I have written down previously before our meeting... MAY 31, 2021!!! So a huge heartfelt THANK YOU  and so much LOVE TO YOU AND YOUR BEAUTIFUL SPIRIT!  I absolutely love you!!!

(Jo, Italy )


Thank you for your amazing reading, Madeleine. It’s been almost a month since our session and every day I was feeling your support and presence in my life. Your work transformed my reality. I unlocked my inner power, was able to improve my relationships with my fiancé and fully accepted myself. Everyday I wake up feeling deep gratitude and love. It’s an amazing feeling. And I hope that everyone can meet you so then they can let go of this illusion of fear and choose happiness instead. Thank you, again. Much love! (Valeria, Washington DC, USA) 

Thank you so much Maddie for our amazing session with my healing team this past week! It is such a blessing to share sacred space with you! You are so beautiful! ♥️️ (Tania, Massachusetts, USA)

Thank u so much for my hour tonight! It is right where I am in life and my personal journey on this beautiful earth. U were just confirming my path....Powerful.... U really have a gift! I will share with others...Many blessings... (Karen, Lewes, Delaware, USA) 

Just had the best experience and had to share! everything I’ve been praying about pretty much got answered and I walked away from our talk with clarity and direction.  

thank you again 🦋🤍

(Shontae, Brisbane, Australia)

If anyone is even slightly curious about Maddie Sparkles Angel Readings - book in for one now!!  


I've never done anything like it before, so didn't know what to expect but came with an open mind and heart, but if I'm honest, I secretly hoped that I'd get a little nod for something I've been wanting for such a long time.  


All I can say is wow wow wow!  My cheeks hurt from smiling so much and I'm so excited about what's to come!  

Hearing Madeleine pass on messages from the angels, acknowledging what is in my heart, and then hearing particular key words that no-one else would know about, truly resonated with me (and gave me goosebumps).  It was both calming and uplifting, and I'm taking it as more proof I'm on the right journey.

I will definitely be looking through the photos of the cards and listening to the recording again, to make sure I take on board ALL the messages I received today.   

Madeleine - Thank you SO much for giving me such an incredible gift today.  What a blessing you are - I'm so glad to have met you.  Thank you!   — with Madeleine P Wober. ( Tracy, LA, USA) 

Maddie is simply amazing. I have had several angel readings with her now over the past year, and the guidance I receive from these always leaves me feeling uplifted, inspired, loved, and ready for the next phase. How she reads the cards is unlike anyone else I know. Her insight and intuition are off the charts, and listening to her offer her wisdom as it relates to my personal situation truly feels magical. The way she describes the cards, and then how she describes what she sees, and the guiding questions she asks, brings me to the understanding I was seeking and the encouragement to expand my spiritual growth. She leaves me feeling positive and more sure of myself and the path I'm on. - If you are seeking encouragement, guidance, more magic or light in your life, I would highly recommend scheduling time with Maddie. You will be so glad you did. ~ Thank you again Maddie. I feel blessed to have met you, and can't wait for the next time I can do another reading with you.

( Kelly, CA) 

I'm another one who has had the delightful experience of an Angel reading with Madeleine P Wober. I have actually listened to the recording two times and made a whole print out of the card photos so I can keep referring back to it. Maddie and the angels pack a lot in, and it's all done with such love and enthusiasm! I couldn't stop laughing at some of the cards she pulled - they were so right on. Thanks for a very positive and helpful reading, Maddie!

(Sally, Washington, USA)

You know how inspiring it is to be in the presence of someone who is being in their greatness??? Last week, I received a Guardian Angel reading from none other than Maddie Sparkles, Madeleine P Wober. I've had readings before and found the information unrelatable. With Maddie, not only did everything speak directly to my soul, but she gave me specific doable action steps to take! On a scale of 1-10 with regards to hearing the information you most need to hear, I give Ms. Maddie Sparkles a 500! (Diane, Oregon, USA) 

I just had the most amazing, beautiful Angel reading of my life!! Thank you Maddie I'm surrendering to success & abundance

(Traci, Italy) 

The reading with Maddie was open and I was receptive to hearing and seeing everything that emerged. Maddie carefully followed intuition and higher guidance . As the reading proceeded more and more insights were revealed until a very specific issue about a dream emerged. 
Wow it was incredible
Maddie has a sincerely helpful gift. 
( Lucy, Cairo,Egypt)

Good morning Beautiful soul!I wrote all the spirit messages of great insights and inspiration in my journal and it feels so wonderful to reread them. I look forward to another reading in September- it was so powerful, on point and soul quenching ♥️(Melinda, California)

Thank you so much for channeling that incredible reading for me! I listened to it again via the recording, too. ️ So much goodness. 🏼

( Cara, Saskatchewan, Canada) 

This post is quite long overdue. I am still in awe of the divine guidance and confirmation I received connecting with Maddie. And Maddie... of course Maddie is such a beautiful soul that I am so grateful to have met! Thank you again Maddie Sparkles   thank you for sharing your gift 

(tasha, Texas,usa)

Maddie you have given me such a magical reading. It told me what I needed to hear, but went much deeper than that and made me actually feel it. Your guidance is a lot to take in and has given me much to work with. 

Before I met you this was something I was somewhat sceptic about, but you have introduced me to something very beautiful and powerful. 

Feeling grateful. 

So a very big THANK YOU ️

( Trudy, Amsterdam, Holland) 

"Thank you so much for the angel reading yesterday!  Your light brings forth compassion, empathy, love and understanding.  I am grateful to have been a recipient of your gifts!  I felt the angels speaking right through you and their message to me resonated with my current situation.  I am grateful to have been the recipient of your gifts.  With Gratitude”

( Ali, Larkspur, CA)

Maddie thank you so much for my incredible Angel reading. It confirms everything I already know to be true! I was squealing with delight throughout. It was just so magical! You truly have the most amazing energy and are so supportive. I am all smiles! Thanks again!

(Andrea , Michigan, USA) 

Thank you Thank you thank you for my reading tonight.....Such a sense of peace now....your energy is contagious (shira, Baltimore,Maryland,usa)

This reading was Magical, Emotional, Moving and confidence boosting. I feel that you have provided me a miraculous resource. I Love you Maddy

(mike J, Novato, California)

My reading from Maddie brought me peace and clarity.  She is so full of love and compassion.  I feel so blessed to have spent over an hour with her.

(Stefani, Texas, USA)

Huge thanks to Maddie Sparkles for my reading on Saturday! I could listen to her calming yet excited voice all night! Bring on the fun in my future! ( Jo, England, UK)

Maddie, thank you with all my heart for your amazing reading tonight. Feeling renewed, inspired and at peace. Bless you.

( Liz, Glasgow, Scotland)

Madeleine, you’re such a joy to work with!! I LOVED the intuitive reading session that I had with you today!! Thank you a million times!! Xoxo
(Rebecca, New Hampshire, USA)

It was magical. I had some other readings before and by far this one has been the one that gave me more details and specifics to follow. Plus Maddie energy makes you feel like you are talking to a friend that loves and cares for you. The message was so clear and on point of what I asked. I am grateful to had found the guidance that I was looking for.

(Anna,San Diego,CA,USA)

Madeleine P Wober, that was a fantastic reading! I’m still smiling! Thank you so much  

( Rebekah, Calgary, Canada)

Thank you Maddie Sparkles for your card reading yesterday. You helped me in such a loving way to get clarity on a specific issue, lifted my focus to a much higher level and your wisdom and intuition helped me see my path from here.You truely have a gift to heal the worldLove to you from Malue (Denmark,Europe)

It was so fabulous. Made me feel totally calm about what’s happening now in my life thank you

(sharon, london,UK)

Maddie gifted me a lovely reading that made me feel warm, lighter, and uplifted my spirit. She is so gifted in her ability to touch the soul. Thank you, Maddie, for sharing with me your love, light and special sparkle dust! (Lisa J, California, USA)

I received the most amazing reading from Maddie yesterday. Everything was spot on - it was such a magical experience! Thanks again, Maddie


Maddie!! I’m still digesting all that you told me yesterday. The session was so very beautiful can’t thank you enough for your time ♥️ Btw I told my boyfriend all about it and even he wants to do it!! (Pranjal, Singapore)

Thankyou so much Maddie for a beautiful angel reading  Your attention to detail and insight was amazing. Totally recommend this  xxx 🦋 

( Jo, Glasgow Scotland)

My Angel Reading with Madeleine was both enlightening and grounding, I would recommend a reading to everyone.
The experience was amazing, and Madeleine’s tempo and insightfulness was perfect.
Thank you. x

(Darren, Colorado,USA)

Many, many thanks for my first angel reading, Maddie! I had people waiting for me with a big event in the works for tomorrow so had to rush off & can’t claim complete relaxation. Such a wonderful, comforting experience nonetheless. Validation of what I’ve been going thru. Thank you for all that you do. Have a blessed weekend!

( Pat, NYC, USA) 


Thank you so much for my reading. It was a new experience for me....and I felt calm and peaceful. It was a beautiful reading. Love you Madiii ( Mita, Northampton, England)

I had a reading! Maddie is amazing!!!! ( Mimi, Petaluma, California )

Maddie, I've been in a much more positive mindset all day since our reading. The way you describe the cards and explain the messages is like listening to a mesmerizing story. I took away so much from what you shared with me. Thank you for your guidance and your time ❣️

(kelly, california,USA)

Just wanted to say a massive thankyou to the lovely Madeleine P Wober for an incredible reading today!  

It was accurate, intuitive, uplifting, inspiring, and genuine.  I felt like you were reading straight from my soul.  I've had a spring in my step all day and feeling a new sense of clarity and direction for the future (as well as a trusting calm).  You have a gift Maddie so thank you for sharing it with me! xxx ( Amber, Melbourne Australia)

Just got off our call with Maddie! Mindblowing accuracy aside, Maddie is Sparkling from the Cosmos! Thank you for showing me my Unicorn self is real. (Tasnim, Mississauga Canada)

I enjoyed one of these readings today and I highly recommend it!

( Leila, California,usa ) 

Thanks Maddie for the fabulous reading yesterday. Spot on for my journey right now. Referring my friends for sure. ( Lisa r, California, usa)

Thank you so much Madeleine P Wober for an amazing reading tonight... So insightful, uplifting and accurate.. What a lovely soul you are too  

( Lisa, England )

I have known Maddie for over 25 years, She has always been such a kind, caring, positive and beautiful humanitarian.  She recently did an Angel and Dragon card reading for me, Maddie is  very intuitive and really does bring you a sense of purpose.  During this time of stress and uncertainty, she is like a beautiful rainbow shining some positive light on your emotions. I loved the way she explained each card and i feel like she answered some questions about my purpose in life. Thank you so much Maddie!

I loved it! ️️️

(Nadia, Massachusetts,USA) 

Maddie Sparkles I'd like to say a huge thank you for the wonderful reading i recieved from you last night. So much confirmation darling and delivered in the most delightful and loving way.

You are a very special loving soul. thank you for shining your light  

( Lynn, Greece, europe)

Am so greatfull with the time you've made for this, your energy is like the beautiful breath of spring fresh air. The reading you've given me today is accurately true, and hits home deeply, your intuition is pin point clear and a gentle  voice that brings calm. thankyou again

( Raj, Tanzania, East africa) 

I had a reading with Maddie yesterday it was amazing and I felt wonderful. The angels were so right.

This is an amazing group.

I hope the almighty god keeps everyone safe and blessed ️( Rita, London)

Thank you so much for the amazing consultation today that confirmed my soul. You were so on point that I opened my eyes to see... if you were inside of my thoughts. The consultation was personable, direct, and meaningful. After speaking with you, I felt so relieved, validated, and confirmed. Your voice is soothing, your explanation of the cards pulled was clear, concise, and I recommend everyone to take this journey with you! Thank you so much! ( Sonya, Florida, USA) 

I wanted to share with all that not only did I have a beautiful reading with Maddie but she was spot on with so much.  At the start of our meeting I felt drained and stressed from my work day. By the end of our meeting I felt exhilarated. I highly recommend Maddie for an Oracle reading. She is a beautiful soul.

( Susan, New York, USA)

Still buzzing from my reading last week with Maddie! Such beautiful, clear, uplifting and aligned guidance. You’re such a gift Maddie and thanks for sharing your magic with me again! 


A while ago, I had a one to one reading. These are my cards..... I have left it for a while so I can report on the accuracy of my reading. For anyone wondering if they should book, all I can say is that it’s money well spent. Maddie is truly amazing

( Barbara, kefalonia, Greece)

I just had a fantastic reading with Maddie. Spot on!! And she mentioned my Goddess of guidance Diana. I confirmed that was spot on. I came upon Diana the huntress a few years back when I was  looking for Starbucks and found her instead. Serendipity!!

( Rhonda, Petaluma, California,usa)

The universe aligned for Maddie Sparkles and my path last Sunday after a thanks giving connection on her LIVE session. The angel and dragon card session was everything and more .. a reflection of my life and my families path. It realigned my faith in healing, balance and alignment , the power we have , the universe knowing the right path at the right time and trusting in intuition and strength. It reminded me of earth and fire and the connections I have. Maddie through her cards reminded me of patience and being grateful for the moment trusting that the future is filled with healing. An amazing energized inspirational session Maddie. You have found your calling and the empowerment you share to others is a unique gift. Love you 🥰 #healingandbalance

(Danielle , Las Vegas, USA) 

Thank you to the beautiful and talented Maddie! I just finished my reading with her today, she went through about 10 cards abd they each supported my path and journey and what I needed to hear, what to focus on, how to release low energy and emotions that are  not serving me. Confirmation that I’m on path to grow my business and what positions and perspectives to take on areas in my life that can be challenging, to not give them the energy and to reserve and preserve energy in areas of creativity and leadership which is where I light up!
Madeleine P Wober is a gem and translates what going on in my life through the cards that come up! A truly clarifying  and resolving session.  Thank you kindly and looking forward until next time ️(Alicia, San Francisco, USA)

Yesterday I did a wonderful reading with Madeleine. Beyond the endless "Woah, I can't believe she just said that" moments, was the feeling of LOVE throughout. Maddie brings her heart and her soul into these readings. You know you are in safe hands when Maddie does her work. I highly recommend, also - what a wonderful gift for someone you care about. (Varda, Israel)

Thank you Maddie for the beautiful Angel card session today. It was astonishing how much all of it was so direct and specific for me! It really released me from my chaotic thoughts and ushered in peace. 


If you haven’t had a personal Angel card session yet, I would highly recommend you get one!

(Cara, Saskatchewan, Canada) 

Today I had an awesome angel reading with Maddie Sparkles.  Maddie, you have such a friendly and calming presence about you.  Before the reading, I was feeling anxious and blocked.  After the reading, I feel grounded, happy, at peace, and reassured that my angels  are always near.  Thank you for again for everything and may God bless you always!!  ️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♂️(Carmen, Massachusetts, USA) 

I just had yet another wonderful reading with Maddie. I highly recommend doing one with here ASAP! The uncanny accuracy and positivity of the messages I receive each time amaze me. Maddie is truly gifted and intuitive. Most importantly, she inspires my connection with my own inner wisdom and guidance.

Thank you, Maddie

(Leila, Sausalito,CA) 

Thank you Maddie Sparkles for a beautiful angelic reading. My soul got the messages it needed and I felt guided and inspired through your reading and wisdom. I felt energetically lifted after the process too  very soothing!

( Ruqayyah, London,UK)

Maddie is one special lady in my life who I like to call my ‘earth angel’ ️ Thank you Maddie Sparkles for a beautiful, uplifting, inspiring and powerful Angel reading xxxx

( Claire, Glasgow Scotland) 

Thanks so much Maddie Sparkles for a beautiful reading!! I truly felt peace through your messages!

Blessings, Light and Love ️

(Rachel, Brentwood, CAlifornia,usa) 

Thanks so much Maddie. The reading was so spot on.

( Anne Marie, Qatar, ASIA) 

Good morning Maddie!  I went through a major shift after your reading! My joy, lightness and inspiration has returned yet the incredible aspect is that it began in four powerful dreams the night we spoke 🏽 heart gratitude for you! 

( Melinda, California, USA)

A magical angel card reading with Madeleine P Wober :) Grateful for God-guided serendipity and for her sharing her talents and her heart. Am getting a session as a gift for my daughter now as well. Highly recommend it.

( Victoria, DC, USA) 


My latest session with Maddie Sparkles was soooo uplifting thank you so much  (Mike, California, USA)

Thank you so much to Maddie for her time and amazing insight! Really helped me to feel empowered as well as providing me with some ideas to move forwards. The reading felt absolutely spot on! Very enjoyable and grounding experience.

 ( Jazz, Northampton, UK) 

Hey!!! I just wanted to come on and share my lovely experience with Miss Maddie! Her reading for me was so on point!! Like she had a direct link between me and my angels! She is professional and so insightful!! I will recommend you Maddie to all of my friends! thank you again 

(Wendy, California,usa)

Hey Maddie thank you for sharing your gift with me. I loved our time and feel inspired. 

( Valerie, Phuket,Thailand)

Thank you so much for my session. It was amazing!  and gave me clarity just at the perfect point  Xxx

( Miranda, UK) 

Thank you Maddie  for sharing your incredible  gift and sharing these very needed messages with me! 

( Dominique,CAlifornia,usa)

I finally had a chance to sit down and reflect on my reading with you. I’m so glad our paths crossed and we connected. Your reading was beautiful and just what I needed to hear 🏻 I love that the very first card illuminated my spiritual journey.  Thanks to your powerful reading, Maddie I am reassured that my needs and desires are already being met before I ask. My only requirement is to trust, let go & let God. I am truly thankful for you sharing your time with me yesterday. You are a gem with a big bright shiny heart. I send back to you all the loving energy that you poured into me 🏻 may you also be truly blessed as you help and heal others with your gift. (Chantelle, Saskatchewan, Canada)

Maddie Sparkles is an understatement. Maddie Magical and Delightful and Gorgeous and All things Wonderous. Thank you so much for sharing yourself with me today. It was such fun and so loving. I'm still giggling about the whole experience.  What a wonderful gift you gave to me today. Many thanks and much love to you. 🧡 (Sonja, Idaho,usa)

Just had my monthly reading with Maddie!! It was amazing and sooo beautiful to hear...Thanks again Maddie  ️

( TRINI, Wisconsin, USA) 

I just had an amazing reading with Madeleine P Wober!! I went in not knowing what to expect and with an open heart. She gave me so much direction and guidance. I came out feeling so peaceful and happy. Thank you so much for my amazing reading!!


Ohhh my GOSH!! I had ANOTHER great reading for the New Year by Maddie!!

Affirmation-Repeat after me:
♥️ “My life gets better ALL the time‼️”

THANK YOU Maddie ♥️ 

(Trini, Wisconsin USA)

I loved my reading it was my first time and it is a great wonderful experience. And the best part it brought me peace and happiness. I felt joy and leave with a peace of mind.

( Lorena, San Diego ) 

Maddie you are an Angel on earth! Thank you for sharing of beautiful gift of wisdom and guidance with me today! Your messages have brought me the motivation and solace I have been searching for in these crazy times. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! Sending you lots of love  (Dominique, California,usa) 

Hello Maddie, I wanted to say a big thank you to you, my last few days since the reading have been floaty and greet of mind than usual. You are such a gift to the world, thank you lovely.  ( Anne Marie, London )

Thank you, Madeleine.

You’ve always come with pure intention and positivity.  Your ability to hold another in a vulnerable space and present so eloquently what unfolds there, is definitely one of your gifts.  We are fortunate to be the recipients.  What we created together resonated. 

I’m still processing it all.  

Thank you for the love.

(Dawn S, Minnesota, USA)

I just had such a wonderful angel reading by the amazing Maddie Sparkles!! 

You are such a wonderful beacon of light!

The angels are for sure working on my behalf and as not only I had a cancellation in my workday but you had the exact same time available.... WOW!  I feel so grounded and at peace ♥️️ thank you for sharing your gift with me and may God‘s grace be with you always 

(Tania, Massachusetts, USA) 

Wow, what a wonderful experience my card reading with Maddie was, given with such unconditional love and the purist of intentions for the highest good. It was clear and precise and perfect for me. You are a gift i am very grateful for Maddie Sparkles!  ( Laura, UK) 

Thank you Maddie for my reading tonight!!  You create a safe space for such magic to happen!!  You explain clearly why the cards that came up were perfect for me and how they were connected to each other.  You helped me to remember to focus on gratitude and self care.  I will be spending 5 minutes a day focusing on meditation...  I was left feeling calm and peaceful which was exactly what I needed!!!

( Lisa, Richmond, CAlifornia) 

I just had a fantastic reading with maddie.
It was amazing, totally spot on with where I am in my life right now.
The past present and future cards were unbelievable.
It gave me clarity,direction and an insight on where I was heading and how to get there.
Thank you maddie you truly are an Earth Angel ️
(Helen, England)

Thank you so much for taking the time to do my reading Madeleine P Wober! It was a fabulous experience, full of positivity, very insightful and carried out expertly by an amazing person! Xx (Dibbly, England)

Just had my amazing reading with Maddie ️ I get one every month !! Just so I’m in tune with my Angels.

(trini, wisconsin, usa) 

Maddie my dear, I do so adore you. The reading today was perfect!! Absolutely what I needed to hear and so much fun. I haven't felt that at peace in a while. Just to have that moment to myself to breathe and let in joy was so needed at this time. I cannot recommend Maddie highly enough to everyone. xoxoxo

( Darci, Oregon, USA)

Thank you so much for the most gorgeous reading Maddie. I feel inspired, illuminated and refreshed- what magical powers you have! ( Liz, London) 

Thank you Maddie so beautiful to connect again.  I feel renewed xx (Lorraine, Manchester, UK) 

Madeleine P Wober after hearing of Mita's wonderful Angel card reading experience I was inspired to have the same.  I am glad I did. The reading was simple yet beautifully profound.  Thank you for your intention and gift.......stay lucky and eternally positive. 1 love... (Punit, Northampton, England)

Incredible reading last night from one of the most special people-  I am blessed to have in my life. 

I’ve known Maddie since I was a child, she’s offered advice and guidance from her heart,  too many times to mention. 

🧡This angel reading was spot on 🧡

It reinforced my beliefs, the road I’m travelling with the start of my new business The MB Fairy and

I can’t use enough superlatives to express how amazing the reading was! Book a reading with Madeleine - she has an incredible talent.  

(Tracy, Glasgow, Scotland) 

I have had a very emotional week. My cousin whom I was very close to passed away suddenly and left me feeling very upset, angry, confused and exhausted.   I asked Maddie if she could do an angel card reading for me.  I just needed to Know that my cousin was at peace.   Maddie, being such a beautiful and powerful soul herself managed to explain alot about what it is like to leave this earth and enter another spiritual realm.  “ Transitions “ is a word that came up many times during the readings and alot of the cards she pulled, I believe were channeled through her from my cousin to tell me she was happy and euphoric where ever she is now.   I came away from the reading feeling positive and at ease.  Maddie helped to comfort me in this time of great loss and many of my question about life and death were answered through the readings.   Maddie has always been a kindred spirit and I totally trust her intuition and guidance.   Thank you so much my lovely friend for being there for me. ️ (Nadia, Massachusetts, USA)

I had the most amazing and wonderful reading from Maddie. Who has a beautiful soul and was sent to me for a reason 

Thank you for your light and love  


The other night I got a reading from Madeleine P Wober and it couldn’t have been more accurate and inspiring! Everything she said was spot on and exactly what I needed to hear. For awhile I have been going back and forth about quitting my job because I have my own business but I can’t focus on it because I work 5-6 days a week as a manager. She pulled a card for me that basically said how I’m stuck behind a fence with something that feels comfortable, but behind that fence are fire works. I have so much potential but I won’t know until I cross that fence. That was the confirmation I needed and the guidance I have been looking for to fully move forward with leaving my job. Today I gave notice to leave, and I couldn’t be more excited to start this journey and really trust in myself and focus solely on my own business. I need to stop second guessing and getting a reading really helped me get that reassurance I needed.

If you’re second guessing something or have self doubt in any decisions I highly recommend a reading! To hear something so accurate and detailed from someone that doesn’t know you is such a surreal feeling.

(Irina, New Jersey, USA)

Maddie can’t thank you enough for your generosity and beautiful insight! Your reading gave me happiness and hope!!

(Dawn K, Minnesota, USA)

I got an incredible reading from Madeleine P Wober. She dropped right in and was spot on. I was uplifted and reassured at the end of this reading.  It was incredibly powerful! Thank you for your positive light, wisdom and generosity! You are a gift.  (Raquel, Petaluma, California)

Maddie, thank you so much for an amazing, soulful reading last night. I don’t really have the words to explain how truly wonderful it was, but it was spot on and certainly gave me the clarity that we discussed. You have such a beautiful gift, thank you for sharing and for burning that light so brightly 🥰 (Amanda, Hungary, Europe) 

Thank you Maddie for the most gorgeous angel card reading today your energy is gorgeous, the best experience and on my birthday was perfect 🥰🤩

( Christine, Limerick, Ireland) 

Thank you Sooo much Maddie! This was wonderful tonight! I am totally in a calm place right now with many many thoughts. Stay safe and well and keep up with your gift! You shine light on a people when they need it! 

Morning Maddie! I have to share - I woke up this morning buzzing with ideas and thinking of all the words that came through in the cards. I can’t believe how much I feel like a new women !! it was spot on about me as a person and I should consider being a coach or a consultant!!! So a big big thank you and you can count on me to spread the word my friend! Have a wonderful week!

( Tracy, Florida )

I had a beautiful reading with Maddie and the angels the other night. I felt totally wrapped in love and very confirmed. Thank you dear Madeleine P Wober for such a gorgeous loving experience. It was nice for me to experience such love and support. I also loved your enthusiasm and the relevance of the cards we chose. I love your style and the structure of it all. I did leave feeling held and confirmed and nourished. A truly magical experience. What a treat!  

( Emily, London) 

Wow... wow... wow... is all I can say. My reading with Maddie was so on point and gave me clear precise directions for my future. Thank you Maddie for taking your time with me and not rushing through. I love your energy. Thank you again!!!! (Addie, Alabama, USA)


Maddie is the truth, I just had my second reading and was blown away, change literally happened during my reading. My life is about to change. Thanks again Maddie ( Addie, Alabama, USA)

Bridget Hom here, and I want to share this with you.
Maddie shared soooo much wisdom and truth about who I am, who I was, and where I am heading based on these three cards that she felt moved to choose to reflect me! And let me tell you...

She was spot on...The inspiration just happened organically, authentically and so perfectly...

Imagine having a perfect stranger ( amazing inspiring friend) telling you who the real you is.....Your most intimate parts of who you are in your journey of life... AND then showing you that the best is yet to come... This was truly an inspiring, enlightened moment with Maddie that I will forever treasure and use to empower me and remind me of who I am and that the Angels are always watching over me... Thank you Maddie!!! (Bridget,Florida, USA)

I highly recommend Maddie- she is deeply in tune with herself and her clients. She is authentic and her energy is very uplifting.(NESRIN, Iowa) 

I just had my reading with Maddie and it was incredibly uplifting and spot-on.  Maddie’s radiance shines through the phone.  She is a true light worker.  I left my session feeling peaceful, excited and assured in my path.  Thank you Madeleine P Wober for your reading. and light! (Jamie, Michigan, USA) 

I had my 1st reading on September 1st and I feel wonderfully blessed and in tune with my higher self...only great things from here on!! Maddie is real, positive and uplifting ️

(TRINI, Wisconsin, USA) 

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