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 Poetry Gift Offerings

Limericks - 5 lines

for work nights out / parties / family reunions 


There once was a Director called Claire 

Whose huge loyalty and warmth she did share

With every Star & Diva 

From Mick Jagger to Beiba ( Beiber) 

And she’s even learnt how not to stare


customized poems for birthdays, weddings, Funerals and celebrations 

1 verse   - 4 lines           

2 verses - 8 lines         

3 verses - 12 lines       

4 verses - 16 lines      

5 verses - 20 lines      

6 verses - 24 lines.      

7 verses - 28 lines       

8 verses - 32 lines.      

9 verses - 36 lines       

10 verses-40 lines     



A darling special lady

With the biggest zest for life

Always such great energy

Even when there’s strife

She is Strong like Madonna

And Wise like Meryl Streep

Appreciates meaningful greeting cards

And definitely loves her sleep!

She could be an interior designer

She has such fabulous taste

This lady has lived internationally

With never a moment to waste

Tracy wears the whitest of clothes

And never gets them dirty

We’ve been friends for years and years

And will be for at least another thirty!

An amazing dancer with all the moves

She loves the latest fashion

Great with the young and old alike

And giving is her passion

She has many skills and seeks her thrills

Is very good at skiing

She’s a magnetic force of nature

And a wonderful human being

Trace you are so special

And whoever wins your heart

Will be extremely blessed

Because you set the rest apart

Enjoy every single moment

You don’t know what’s round the bend

But there’s something that I do know

We’ll be friends till the very end!

Trace I love our friendship

It always feels so grounding

We’ve both been through so many events

And it really is astounding

That even through all the distance

And living in so many places

And all the distant travel

We will always be familiar faces


Presentation options:


voice Recorded   


Presented on the day - depending on availability & location  

Book a poetry reading for your loved ones at care homes, hospitals and hospices for the elderly and children - free of charge 


Creative colorful poetry workshops infused with music, meditation and manifestation - canvas creation - taking bookings now for birthdays, social events and corporate team building days. 

The Alternative Toastmaster

Maddie Sparkles - add some sparkles by having an MC heading up your celebration or party, wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, birthday all in RHYME! See testimonials  

email hello@for more information on any of the above services.  custom made poems include rights and can be emailed directly to you.

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