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More About Maddie Sparkles


Madeleine Wober (aka Maddie Sparkles) is a spiritual being having a  human experience, born and raised by Jewish parents in Scotland. Her career path has been extremely varied and unconventional. She professionally trained as an actress in New York City and fell into radio broadcasting and voice overs in scotland; having previously qualified as a beauty therapist working in Spas in London and australia, she has always had a passion for travel, creativity and following her intuition. in 2018, By a twist of fate and help from the angels, she fulfilled her lifelong dream of emigrating to northern california, USA. currently based in Austin, Texas where she moved in February 2020 from Novato, marin, California, she lives with her fiance, Shawn and her wee pooch, princess jasmine.

An inspirational poet Writing poetry since the age of 10, she started sharing her uplifting rhymes with the rest of the world in 2013 publishing her monthly poems on facebook on the 1st of each month, which later morphed into her published poetry book "sprinkles of glitter, your 12 month guide to a sparkling year" 

maddie wober (aka maddie sparkles) is a qualified co-active Life Coach (CPCC) since 2010, focusing on empowerment and inner confidence for living magically (see

as well as offering experiential healing technique for childhood trauma (the sayer method).

sprinkles of glitter productions comprises of 3 main elements: my brilliant self coaching (conversation in person and via phone/skype),

maddie sparkles poetry gifts & events,

and maddie sparkles angels and oracle card readings and angel chakra meditations offered anywhere in the world via audio messenger, whatsapp audio or phone as well as on facebook lives 

you are invited to join her ever expanding facebook group offering pieces of positivity designed to uplift, inspire, manifest and create. We look forward to seeing you there!

Maddie Sparkles is currently working on her upcoming childrens' book series encouraging children to believe in the magic of their dreams and stepping into their own confidence and creative inspiration.

maddie sparkles strongly believes in the healing power of voice and music and has been asked many times over to produce custom made manifestational  & meditational mp3's. click here to listen to a sample and to order your own mp3.

maddie sparkles also has her own glitter line for Face and body. visit the shop to see available colors.

maddie sparkles' intention is to bring love light and joy to everyone she meets whether in person or online. 

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