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Sign up to Order your custom made Manifestation MP3 - to help reprogram your mind and help you feel positive and full of faith that your goals will be met and are totally possible - listen to an example here:

let me know what challenges you are currently experiencing & we can co-create the perfect bespoke affirmational soundtrack for you!


LivingMagicallyRetreats &Workshops

Living Magically retreats are designed to bring you closer to the angelic realm and your Guardian Angel, so you can release your fears and step boldly & unapologetically into your power so you can move forward in life with full access to your Inner Sparkle and Internal Light.

In a beautiful luxurious environment, surrounded by stunning nature, the group will participate in Transformational Empowerment sessions along with Angel Readings both individually and as a group.

You will get to experience meeting your Guardian Angel via guided meditations and also learning how to read the angel cards yourself!

We will be incorporating nature, melodious music, fabulous food, based in Sabbioneta in Northern Italy. We will have the opportunity to do some sightseeing as we incorporate visiting the stunning cities of Verona, Venice, Milan, Florence & Pisa where we will have sacred circles all the while watching out for the signs from the Angels!

Our next Living Magically retreats will be taking place in Sabbioneta, Italy from May 29 until July 2, 2022, and this one is NOT TO BE MISSED as we roll out the red carpet for you and create a truly magical experience !!

BOOK NOW before all the spots are filled. There are FIVE weeks available to choose from with a maximum of 10 women per retreat. Bring your friends or loved ones and tick this one off your bucket list! It will be one of these great times in your life that create incredible stories to share forevermore. For more information and to book your spot now click on the link below

living magically workshops (currently online) are fun, interactive and creative. In a group setting we will experiment with music, language, a visualization journey into nature, and incorporating the senses of sight, sound and smell.
then you shall each create your own unique and personalized vision board to help manifest your brightest dreams.

hear what others have said about this delightful and joyful workshop to help connect to your authentic creativity. unlock the playfulness of your inner child and storyteller, stimulate the magic of your dreams and bring them into reality:


Had such a wonderful time at the Living Magically Workshop with the gorgeous Madeleine P Wober. Exactly what I needed in my life at this moment. How do you do that?!? Tears, deep breathing, tingles, magic and soul expansion. What a great way to spend a morning. Thank you for all you give to this world my dear. Love you and your radiant light! I highly recommend this workshop to everyone! (Darci) 

Absolutely LOVED my workshop!!!!
From the content to the experience it is worth it but your overall sense of calm and peace after is even better! Thank you so much for sharing your gift!! I can’t wait to see what else you have coming up!!  ( Meg )

This was so empowering!  Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and helping me to love myself in a beautiful way. 🥰( Yolanda)

It was a delight to be in a safe space to share with the other women on the call.
Thank you for offering this.
Thank you so much for the Living Magically zoom on January 30.  I am going over my notes and reflecting.   Looking forward to future zoom gatherings.( Pamela)

“This was a wonderful workshop  it really Helped me love ME more 🥰 Thank you for thinking of me ️ Can’t wait for the next one ‼️ ”(Trini)

“Thank you for creating a space for us to be vulnerable and share with like minded people! My soul was truly fed today!!  I’m  very grateful for this experience!”
Madeleine P Wober a wonderful experience looking forward to the next workshop. ( Tasha)

It was such a privilege to meet such  amazing souls, thanks Maddie for the wonderful workshop  ( Maria)

Thank you Maddie for the Love Light and Joy I experienced at your Living Magically Workshop.  It was absolutely wonderful. (Liz)

"Listening to Maddie’s poems, music, and visualization journey helped me feel relaxed and refreshed. Nature inspires creativity and awakens the senses. It was a wonderful respite from busy life happenings. I hope to slow down, breathe and listen to the birds singing their songs. Magic happens all around us!" (Gina) 

"Delightful and uplifting. Maddie really does sparkle & its contagious!" (Michelle)

"Maddie, i've just received my copy of your book from Amazon. I love it! And the illustrations are gorgeous! "The more i connect with myself each day, the stronger i feel and the panic goes away" Used this inspiration (August) today. So much fear around raising children! I'm trusting myself that i have set my loves up the best way i can, now to let go and trust they know what's best for themselves. Thank you Maddie Sparkles!! XX"  (Laura)

"The relaxation and tranquility of the imaginary forest, with the beauty of your poetry and its wonderful illustrations, is something I will always treasure. Thanks for the experience!" (Nick)

"Maddie, thank you for inviting me to your poetry workshop and book launch!  I hadn’t realized how much I needed a break from my routine and to give myself the gift of imagination and play. Your guided meditation through the trees of the forest was so relaxing. I would say that everyone needs this kind of mental relief every so often to reconnect with the best parts of themselves. Best of luck in the future!" (shirley)

Dear Maddie, during your workshop we loved the stroll through the forest. It was serene and calming. The Essential oils you used were the icing on the cake. Those just connect you to nature instantly. Thank you for your amazing sparkles!  (Xander and June)

Living Magically-Inspirational Gallery

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