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Customize Your Poem

If you are interested in having your very own tailor custom made poem to give to your nearest and dearest, I will read your answers to the following questions and use your information to write a lovely poem about your chosen person or people: Then you can either choose to receive it in writing, audio or even video to then present to your special person or celebration.

Name of poem recipient: 
their occupation:

their favourite pastime:

5-10 of their best qualities:

something they always talk about:

any pets; favourite car; song; book; author

places they are going or have been to on holiday

what is most important to them

what do they really want to have in their life

what is their special talent

why do you want to create a poem especially for this person

what is your relationship to this person

their date of birth/anniversary date

their favourite season

favourite sport, team,

favourite superhero or superhero they remind you of

favourite book

favourite music, band, singer

anything that reminds you of this person when you think of them. the more detail the better!

FILL OUT THE ANSWERS TO THESE QUESTIONS along with a recent photograph of the person(S) if you have one, AND SEND ME A MESSAGE TO: MADDIESPARKLES8@GMAIL.COM WITH THE DATE YOU WOULD LIKE THIS POEM and state IF YOU WANT IT emailed, FRAMED, filmed or IF YOU WOULD LIKE IT RECITED TO YOUR LOVED ONE in person AT A PARTY OR GATHERING. Please note a minimum of 4 week's notice is advised for framed or filmed poems for anyone outside of california. this includes Inside the USA &/or Abroad. 12 weeks notice for poems delivered in person. For emailed poems please try to give at least 2 weeks. please note last minute poems are possible but cannot be guaranteed.


I got invited to a 60th birthday party for a friend and was really struggling with finding something to get her.  She had everything, she has travelled to many places and I just did not know how to express how much our friendship meant to me to mark this special occasion.  Then one day I received a pop up on my FaceBook feed sharing with me the Maddie Sparkles poems that are available to gift someone with.  I went to the site and filled out all of the information and quickly got an email back from Maddie herself.  Maddie asked me some questions and was extremely accommodating to create a poem in a very fast turnaround time as I needed the poem in 5 days.  Through answering some of Maddie’s questions we were really able to mark some great milestones in my friend’s life as well as her accomplishments and characteristics that really make my friend special.  With some tweaking Maddie was able to deliver the Maddie Sparkles poem just in time.  So on that November fall day at a Birthday Brunch at a restaurant in NYC I was able to deliver my Maddie Sparkles birthday poem and it was received with great laughter and some tears.  I was also able to present the Maddie Sparkles poem dressed up in a box for her to take home and share with her family.  It was a great gift and it created a real memory in celebration of a friend’s birthday.  Thank you Maddie Sparkles for helping to really make a memory!  I will be coming back for more poems to mark more occasions and make more memories! (Maryann, life coach, Minneapolis) 

'Talented Maddie, we will never forget this so creative, thoughtful & beautiful poem you wrote for us' (Armelle and Sophie, San Francisco)

"Just showed my mom your book, she was almost in tears, it’s such a beautiful treasure to share with others' (Megan, Los Angeles) 


'Do you know Maddie Sparkles? Emma here is wearing her fabulous eye sparkles.  Maddie happens to also be one of the most positive people I know.  She is a life coach, poet and created her own line of eye sparkles.  You can have some too at:  Only $5 for a small bottle that lasts a long time! We love ours! Go spread your sparkle too!' 

(michelle, alameda,CA)

'Maddie’s poetry is original, unique and always spiritually uplifting and positive! She gave us an amazing surprise at our 40th when she delivered the most beautiful heartfelt  poem… I always look forward to her monthly inspirational, positive themed poems! Keep them coming Maddie!'

Much love.. (Punit & Mita, Jaan Learning and Development)

'Maddie’s talent for poetry is amazing. Beautifully written & framed as a keepsake forever. Thanks so much for the March Magic LOVE YOU!!!! xx xx'

(claire, Director of sales, Entertainment & Media for Principal hotels)


'Have Madeleine to add sparkle to every event, she’s terrific' (Aviva, london)

'Ahh Madeleine this is so great!!  Thank you so much 

I read it out to my team and everybody really loved it!

You have such a great way with words and a real talent.

You really are a shining star!  All the best'

(Liz - Brighton & Hove Wellbeing Service, uk)



'We knew we wanted someone magical, fun and sparkly to chair our wedding. The theme was black and bling and Maddie Sparkles delivered everything we wanted and more. She captured the guests’ attention, made them laugh numerous times, rhymed her introductions for each speech-giver and added to the night that extra specialness that you feel lucky to be in the presence of. We’d use Maddie Sparkles again in an instant and recommend her services to anyone wanting their event to stand out from the crowd’s. Thank you again Maddie Sparkles!!' (Georgina & Roee, australia) 

'Your passion, enthusiasm and positive energy lights up a room. You perform brilliantly and engage with people so eloquently. Having spent many years working with you, I would highly recommend you to anyone having any function. The boundless energy and vibe that you create, along with your wit is priceless.' (Andrew James (wedding photographer)

‘Witty, Clever, and all up fantastic. Without a doubt the most entertaining MC I’ve ever seen, she had the whole room engaged. I’d highly recommend her services’ (Julia, Melbourne​)


‘It was a breath of fresh air to witness a toastmaster in rhyme with such joy, fun and sparkle. It really added to the evening’ (Danny Shine, Neshama)

'When Maddie and I started our coaching sessions, my life looked dull, isolated from other people and with no purpose. My life consisted on taking my children to school, go back to my home based studio and sit down for hours in front of the computer trying hard to grow my illustration and stationery business on-line. With one single exercise, her support and guidance, led me to summon my life purpose and make my dream come truth. A dream that was waiting to be awaken. Since starting her coaching sessions, I managed to touch the life of hundreds of people through my art, told my story in front of 600 people, inspired many others to pursue their dreams, and most of all, to see my children happy because I am happy. In every coaching session, Maddie turned a simple worry into an opportunity. With her unique way of seeing life and her “out of the box” approach to any given situation, I have learned to challenge my heart and mind and think beyond the regular life I live and turn it into an amazing world of opportunities and excitement. Now, I carry with me the “Maddie sparkles” everywhere I go, knowing that I can bring them into action every time I need to face a new problem, worry or challenge. Love you and forever thankful!' (Jazmin - Artisit, I Do Care Designs, Vancouver)

'Maddie Wober is an inspirational woman who knows how to magically turn what seem to be confused thoughts into clear concepts and feasible projects and then guide you to action to turn your dreams into reality - that is what Maddie achieved in just one session when we met for the first time and I voiced my confused jumbled up thoughts, and Maddie somehow knew how to assemble all the diverse pieces like parts of a jigsaw and show me the finished puzzle with a clear image that represented my dream and how it could be achieved. I then went away and 18 months later when the time was right I decided to kick into action and bring the jigsaw image to life and 'Be Real Talks' was born - and the icing on the cake was to have Maddie sparkles host our first sell-out event herself!. This girl is awesome!' (Stephanie Rosilio, co-founder of Be Real Talks,

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